Sharon is an Asian-American content creator based in Austin.


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Brand & Copy

Social Care Internal Brand Campaign (2020): Created team branding and content to refresh Atlassian’s Social Media Care’s presence to improve internal partnerships (landing page, directive Slack copy, brown bags, blogs)

Atlassian Animal Crossing Swag for the Atlassian Community (2020)

AskAtlassian on Twitter (2019 - present): Support Atlassian’s AskAtlassian channel with company-wide internal escalations for a variety of use cases based on user need & reinforcing internal relationships for feedback loops

Content & Insights

Confluence intranet content design (2020): Designed structure for Social Media Care & Atlas Asians internal landing pages

Customer insight blogs (2017-2020): Data-driven insights from direct user engagement and/or weekly demo chat Q&A to influence product and marketing roadmaps 

- Asset management in Jira Service Desk Cloud
- Top asset management evaluator and pre-evaluator questions - Jira Service Desk evaluators and the Jira Software integration they need - What are Jira Service Desk demo attendees looking for?
- Evaluator Spotlight: 2 Jira Service Desk evaluators and their relationship to the Atlassian Model

- Jira Service Desk Use Cases
- Insights from Service Management World 2018
- Legendary Service through Atlassian’s Social Channels

Jira buyer’s guide (2018): Used data from evaluator & demo insights to inform top use cases and features for a service desk checklist as part of a Jira buyer’s guide in collaboration with product marketing

Evaluator documentation (2018): Audited, edited, and maintained new public-facing documentation and knowledge base articles for Jira Service Desk and Data Center with the Atlassian evaluator resources

CreativeMornings Austin (2016): Created and grew the CreativeMorning Austin’s Instagram presence and selected attendees to interview for a monthly blog column (CM Mugshot)

Operations & Process

Support team operations (2020): Designed process to reduce time to first response for social care agents by 3 hours & established cross-geo handovers between CST/PST/AEST to meet performance at scale

Trade show staffing (2018):
Operational processes at scale: created, tested, and implemented design for presales product advocates to staff global trade shows alongside event marketing

GIS & Usability

- GIS map design & sprint liaison (2016): Designed custom maps for internal stakeholders using web map templates for in-house self-serve GIS applications while prioritizing features for roadmaps in sprint meetings

- Field research for training content (2016): Used field research and user feedback toward a training curriculum and quick start guides based on red routes for end users based on functional groups, which were rolled out to the majority of field offices across TX, OK, and KS

- Enterprise-wide GIS improvements (2016): Heavily involved in drafting 30+ improvements to the state of enterprise GIS organized by people, process, and technology alongside a cross-functional team involved in research and design 

Atlassian ShipIt (Hackathon)

AtlassianLive on Twitch: Pitched idea and curated content for a sample segment on Twitch called Tweet Mythbusters, where product managers address debunk myths in real tweets about product functionality. Unplugged Winner 🏆

Confluence Cloud Accessibility Survey: 
Researched, drafted, and prototyped a survey to gather feedback about Confluence Cloud usability and accessibility that could be easily sent to qualified users on Twitter

Cloud Demo Bundles: Increasing Cloud adoption by packaging sample default data for users to upload into new evaluations to increase ease of onboarding

Design Room ATX: Grew the design culture alongside a design team in the Austin office with a collaborative space, complete with plants and in-person library. Unplugged Winner 🏆