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Two Particular Walks

Last week, while taking the dogs on a morning walk around the neighborhood, Prim came upon a dead bird, picked it up with her mouth, and began to chomp on it, devouring it in animalistic fashion. The trauma of this left me too stunned to intervene, not to mention I had no knowledge of how to successfully pry a large bird, falling apart, from the jaws of a determined alpha female. In fact, when I try to brush Shakes' teeth, he clenches his jaw after a certain point, which makes brushing impossible. I watched, horrified, while standing in the middle of a familiar street.

At one point, the bird was bigger than Prim had expected, so it came back out a bit to be broken down further before swallowing. My hand found itself in an extra doggie bag in preparation, but it was too late as the feathers sticking out of her mouth gradually stacked and disappeared with painful crunching.

I was reminded of a time in past when I caught Shakes eating dog poo in the middle of a walk, except I didn't know what it was until I opened his mouth to retrieve it.

* * * 

Later that day, when taking Shakes on a walk alone, I spotted something laying in the grass of an upcoming lawn. Shakes rushed toward it and picked it up with his mouth.

I hurried to remove it, reminding him not to eat random objects. A small piece that he had in his teeth, he kept, chewed, and swallowed. I looked at the object in my hands and held it up to see it properly.

It was a tortilla. A round flour tortilla, entirely intact with the exception of Shakes' portion, that had been laying, unfolded and deliciously, on the lawn. The lawn was fairly nice, not unkempt at all.

I looked at this fluffy tortilla, which had been toasted by the late afternoon sun for who knows how long, waiting to be eaten. I wondered how it got there. Who would throw a tortilla on a lawn? Were the intentions malicious? We may never know.

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