Sharon is an Asian-American content creator based in Austin.


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Moon Mornings

For a season when I was a very young gal, I remember waking up early, about 6 a.m., while my dad got ready for work. I would wait until he left, and then sneak into the living room to watch T.V.

One morning, I must have thought he already left, but he hadn't. I didn't want him to know that I was up, so I hid under a square, plastic red table. I believe the table was incredibly small, and it was right up next to the couch, so you couldn't see what was underneath it if you were on the couch.

For a few moments, while he watched the news from the couch, I waited underneath the table, afraid he would hear me breathing and tell me to go back to sleep. We were only a few feet away, inches maybe. I remember the feeling of crisp alertness, like a game of hide-and-seek in my home, where I would always hide behind a cornered bedroom door, trying to breathe as quietly as I possibly could.

After he left for work, I would immediately turn on the T.V. and watch Sailor Moon. Sometimes I could catch the whole episode if I was lucky, sometimes only the last ten minutes, but it was always so good, and so fun and familiar, and it only came on early in the morning!

Why was I afraid to be up early? I don't know. Perhaps it was uncharacteristic of me, or I didn't think I was supposed to, or perhaps I just realized that I placed myself somewhere that was just a little too small.

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